2017 Finsbury Park attack

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Finsbury Park, London where the incident occurred

On 19 June 2017, at 00:15 BST, police officers responded to a vehicle running over several civilians with a reported "numerous casualties" in Finsbury Park, London.[1] The attack occurred near Finsbury Park Mosque where the van ran over several worshippers.[2]

The car reportedly crashed close to the Finsbury Park Mosque, with many of the injured seen wearing Muslim attire. Witnesses have said this is because worshippers were leaving the mosque at the time of the incident.[3] One person has been arrested in relation to the attack. The individual, Darren Osborne, has been confirmed to be the attacker. It is being reported that 10 people have been injured in the attack and one person has been confirmed to have died.[4]

A witness reported to BuzzFeed News that the driver screamed that he wanted to "kill all Muslims".[5]

On 23 June, Darren Osborne of Cardiff was charged with terrorism-related murder and attempted murder.[6][7] In early February 2018 at Woolwich Crown Court, he was found guilty on both counts and was sentenced to life imprisonment.[8]

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