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2nd Punjab Regiment

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The 2nd Punjab Regiment was a British Indian Army regiment from 1922 to the partition of India in 1947.

The regiment was formed by the amalgamation of the following regiments:

  • 1st Battalion, from the 67th Punjabis, formerly the 7th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry
  • 2nd Battalion, from the 69th Punjabis
  • 3rd Battalion, from the 72nd Punjabis
  • 4th Battalion, from the 74th Punjabis
  • 5th Battalion, from the 87th Punjabis
  • 10th (Training) Battalion, formed by redesignation of 2nd Bn, 67th Punjabis

After the independence and partition of India in August 1947, this regiment became the Punjab Regiment (India).