A. & L. Tirocchi Gowns

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A.& L. Tirocchi Gowns (also known as Di Renaissance) was a business founded in 1911 in Providence, Rhode Island.[1][2]

Early life[change | change source]

Anna (b.c. 1873) and Laura Tirocchi (b.c. 1888) were half-sisters born into a landowning family in the working-class town of Guarcino, Italy. They had different fathers. They received high-quality training in dressmaking and design in Rome, Italy where they moved with their mother.

Notability[change | change source]

The sisters and their business are notable. Their quarters were preserved by the family in situ after it closed in 1947. The contents were donated in 1989 to Rhode Island School of Design which, with Brown University and the University of Rhode Island, worked for years to inventory and catalog the records and materials.

In 2001 the business was the subject of an exhibition at the RISD Museum. This is believed to be the most complete collection of a 20th-century custom dressmaking business in existence.[3]

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