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AIESEC (said like "Eye Seck"), is a big student organisation that was started in 1948. It was made to fix problems between countries and create peace after World War II. It has spread all over the world since it started. There are many members in about 125 countries.

AIESEC is an organisation that helps its members to develop themselves as leaders. It also has an exchange program for students and university graduates to intern or volunteer in other countries. Most members are students at university but some are paid to work for AIESEC. The organisation is presented in 125 countries and territories in the world. The headquarters of AIESEC are in Rotterdam.

Members say that AIESEC does a lot of good in the world through the exchange by helping people from different countries to share information about their culture.

For over 60 years of working AIESEC's main impact had been its alumni all over the world. These alumni become successful business leaders, politicians, and NGO directors. The approximate number of alumni 1 million.

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