A Matter of Loaf and Death

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A Matter of Loaf and Death is a 2008 British stop-motion short movie. It is a Wallace & Gromit movie. The movie is a murder mystery. It was nominated for an Academy Award. It did not win the award.

Plot[change | change source]

Twelve bakers, including Bob, are murdered by a serial killer named Piella Bakewell. Wallace and Gromit save Piella and her poodle, Fluffles, when the brakes on their bicycle fail, and they fall. Gromit finds out there is no problem with their brakes, but he and Wallace are smitten. They and Piella perform a whirldwind romance. But Gromit is angered when Piella redecorates the house. After Piella tricks Wallace into her thinking after she bit her own arm, Gromit is muzzled and chained up. He watches helplessly as Piella tries to push Wallace to his demise, but he is saved by Gromit, accidentally causing Piella to be struck by a bag of flour. After she makes an angry outburst that she hates bakers, Piella drops by the next day to apologize with a cake.

Gromit and Fluffles arrive to the house as Wallace lights the candle. After Gromit and Wallace's struggle, the cake falls, revealing to be the bomb. They are attacked by Piella, who reveals that she detests bakers. In the chaos, the bomb ends in Wallace's pants; Gromit and Fluffles fill the pants with dough while Piella jumps onto a hot air balloon and escapes. However, her weight drags the balloon to a zoo and she ends up being eaten by a crocodile.