A Midsummer Nights Dream (1959 movie)

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A Midsummer Night's Dream
Directed by Jiří Trnka
Produced by Erna Kmínková
Jaroslav Mozis
Written by Screenplay:
Jiří Brdečka
Josef Kainar
Jiří Trnka
William Shakespeare
Narrated by Rudolf Pellar
Cinematography Jiří Vojta
Editing by Hanna Valachova
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release date(s)25 September 1959 (1959-09-25)
Running time 76 minutes
Country Czechoslovakia
Language Czech

A Midsummer Night's Dream is a 1959 Czechoslovak animated puppet movie directed by Jiří Trnka. It is based on the Shakespeare play of the same name. It was entered into the 1959 Cannes Film Festival.[1] An English language version was made with narration by Richard Burton. The movie won several awards including the Prize of the Technical Committee in Cannes and an Honourable Medal at the Venice Film Festival.[2]

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