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Aeolian processes

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Sandsturm Reilingen
Cross-bedding of sandstone near Mount Carmel road, Zion National Park. It shows the effect of wind action and sand dune formation before the formation of rock. These are fossilized sand dunes

Eolian (or aeolian or æolian) is an event that occurs in nature. It is related to the winds and its ability to modify the surface of the Earth and other planets.

Winds cause erosion, and move sand and other materials. Wind is powerful in dry regions with sparse vegetation, such as deserts. Although water is, generally speaking, a much more powerful eroding force than wind, aeolian processes are primary in deserts.

Sand dust from the Sahara gets all over Europe, and even as far as the Amazon basin.[1] Winds and global air movements are what causes this widespread travel of materials from the ground.

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