Mount Carmel

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Mount Carmel
Hebrew: Har HaKarmel
Haifa-Bahai world center front.jpg
the Bahá'í World Centre on mount carmel in haifa
Elevation 546 m (1,791 ft)
Location Jerusalem
Coordinates 32°44′N 35°03′E / 32.733°N 35.050°E / 32.733; 35.050Coordinates: 32°44′N 35°03′E / 32.733°N 35.050°E / 32.733; 35.050

Mount Carmel is a mountain in northern Israel. The mountain is a north-west branch from the Samaria Mountains to Haifa and the Mediterranean Sea. The city of Haifa is located at the base of the mountain and the connection to the sea. The mountain is 546 metres (2,710 ft) above the sea.

The name in Hebrew is Har HaKarmel (Hebrew: הַר הַכַּרְמֶל‎), which means "God's vineyard". In Arabic it is Arabic: الكرمل, Kurmul or جبل مار إلياس Jabal Mar Elyas, "Mount Saint Elias".

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