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Temporal range: Late Cretaceous, Maastrichtian
Agathaumas sphenocerus
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Superorder: Dinosauria
Order: Ornithischia
Infraorder: Ceratopsia
Family: Chasmosauridae
Genus: Agathaumas
Cope, 1872
Type species
Agathaumas sylvestris Cope, 1872 (type)
Other species
  • Agathaumas sphenocerus Ballou, 1890

Agathaumas ("great wonder") is a dubious genus of a large ceratopsid dinosaur that lived in Wyoming during the Late Cretaceous (65 million years ago). The name comes from Greek, αγαν - 'much' and θαυμα - 'wonder'. It was seen as the largest land animal known at the time of its discovery and might be a synonym of Triceratops. It was related to Ceratops.

Illustration of the vertebrae and sacrum of Agathaumas sylvestris