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Aida (musical)

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Aida is a musical by Sir Elton John and Tim Rice, first opened in 1998. It was based on the Verdi opera of the same name It was nominated for Tony Awards.

Act I

The musical opens in a modern-day museum. In the Egyptian wing, a man and woman meet each other as a statue of a female Pharaoh, Amneris, awakens ("Every Story Is A Love Story") and transports them to Ancient Egypt. Ramades, who is leader of the Egyptian army, return from an expedition through the lands of the Nubians, the longtime enemies of Egypt ("Fortune Favors The Brave"). When the soldiers capture a group of women, he is instantly drawn to one of them, Aida, who tries freeing herself by fighting one of his soldiers. After Ramades forces Aida to wash his back, she refuses, telling him that although the Egyptians took everything from the Nubians, their spirit will never be taken ("The Past Is Another Land"). Ramades saves Aida's companions from working in the copper mines (and certain death) by sending them to work in the palace grounds instead. He also sends Aida as a handmaiden to Amneris, to whom he is betrothed.