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Ainsley Gotto

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Ainsley Gotto (14 February 1946 – 25 February 2018) was an Australian public servant and interior designer. She was the private secretary to Prime Minister John Gorton in the late 1960s.[1] She was born in Annerley, Queensland.

Gotto began work as a typist at the Department of Immigration, but left after a few months to work for a private firm.[1] After a year, she returned to government work at the Trade Commission Service.[2]

When Gorton stepped down as prime minister in March 1971, Gotto stayed in his service when he became Minister for Defence, but resigned from the public service in 1972.[3]

Gotto died at a hospital in Woollahra, Sydney of cancer-related complications on 25 February 2018 at the age of 72.[2]

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