Alan Kuo

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Alan Kuo
SonyFair2008 Day10 MiniConcert Alan YL Ke.jpg
Background information
Birth name柯有倫 Ke You Lun
Born (1981-01-22) January 22, 1981 (age 40)
Alternative rock
Soft rock (light rock)
record producer
Years active2004-present
LabelsSony Music

Alan Kuo (Chinese: 柯有綸; pinyin: Kē Yǒu Lún) is a Taiwanese rock singer and actor.

Biography[change | change source]

Alan is the son of the late Taiwanese stuntman-actor Blackie Ke. For his father, he wrote two songs, each in one of his albums in the same number of track. Wake Up and I Miss You, these two songs shows his relationship with his father, how much his father had changed him. Before actually starting to receive the chance to release his first album he went through a lot of hard work. First of all, he started from a guitar, up to writing songs and lyrics. When he first entered Alpha Music, Jay Chou told him that he should know how to write his own songs, so that people would want to listen to his music, influenced by this Alan began writing his own songs. Secondly, he wrote more than hundreds of songs just to make the world hear his voice. For this purpose, Alan Kuo’s music director requires him to edit and edit his songs, every year, every month, every week, and every day. He kept on working on his songs for perfection. Finally, he edited his songs and made new songs in the 6 years of preparation, just for the best 12 songs for all the people anticipating for his music. In the meantime, during the 6 years of hard work for his first album, his courage was being challenged, his father died of an accident, but it did not stop him. In fact he continued going after his first album, trying to show us how hard he worked and especially to show his father in heaven. As a result, on 8/19/2005, Alan Kuo’s first album came out with 12 songs that rocked the listeners, the music that shows you the 6 years of hard work and effort he gave on his music, Alan Kuo. In 2007, Alan changed his Chinese name from 柯有倫 to 柯有綸. It still has the same pronunciation though.

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  • Sonic Youth
  • Y2K+01
  • Mars
  • Sweet Relationship
  • K.O 3an Guo

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