Alexander II of Russia

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Alexander II
Zar Alexander II.jpg (cropped).jpg
Photograph of Alexander in his 60s
Emperor of Russia
Reign2 March 1855 – 13 March 1881
Coronation7 September 1856
PredecessorNicholas I
SuccessorAlexander III
Born(1818-04-29)29 April 1818
Moscow Kremlin, Moscow, Moscow Governorate, Russian Empire
Died13 March 1881(1881-03-13) (aged 62)
Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russian Empire
among others...
Full name
Alexander Nikolaevich Romanov
FatherNicholas I of Russia
MotherAlexandra Feodorovna (Charlotte of Prussia)
ReligionRussian Orthodox
SignatureAlexander II's signature

Alexander II (Russian: Алекса́ндр II Никола́евич; 29 April 1818 – 13 March 1881) (Old Style dates) was the Emperor of Russia, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Finland from 2 March 1855 until his assassination.[1] He is most famous for freeing the serfs in his Emancipation reform of 1861.

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