Alfred Freddy Krupa

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Alfred Freddy Krupa
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Alfred Freddy Krupa
Alfred Krupa

(1971-06-14) 14 June 1971 (age 49)
Karlovac, Yugoslavia
EducationAcademy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb, Tokyo Gakugei University, Croatian State Institute for Education
Known forPainting, Drawing, Artists Books, Art Theory
Notable work
"Roots - Korijeni"[1]
MovementNew Ink Art (European),[2] Informalism, Postminimalism, Neo-figurative art, Contemporary realism
Spouse(s)Ljiljana Krupa
Awards»Councillor Special Prize« at the 3rd International Exhibition of the Chinese Calligraphy and Ink Painting, Anshan (China), Medal Marshal Trompowsky, Matto Grosso do Sul (Brasil), Croatian Association of Artists Zagreb Annual Award for 2016 (Croatia) and many others[3]
The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife (inspired with the Ukiyo-e by K. Hokusai)

Alfred Freddy Krupa (Krūppa) (14 June 1971, Karlovac, Yugoslavia) is a Croatian contemporary painter.[4][5][6] Multidisciplinary artist Alfred Freddy Krupa is considered a pioneering force in the New Ink Art movement, for which he has gained international recognition.[7][8]

Krupa graduated in 1995[9] at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb. Krupa also studied Art History (non-degree research) at the University of Zagreb (1997,1998) and in 1998/99 as the postgraduate research student at the Tokyo Gakugei University (東京学芸大学) or Gakudai (学大).[10][11]

Krupas work has attracted public and professional attention from the beginning. For the first time his name was introduced to the general public in 1990 at the then mega-popular Yugoslav weekly[12] "Vikend/Weekend".[13] In the same year his first solo exhibition was held[14]. Since early 1990's A.F. Krupa exhibited frequently and his works are part of a number of important collections worldwide.[15] Global Artists Historical Ranking (all media) positioned A. F. Krupa around the 1300th place in 1997 based on the international exhibition history, with the similar rank for around 2 decades and in the TOP 10 Modern Ink painters (the list published on 22/02/2019).[16][17][18][19]. His works (notably contemporary watercolors, inks and portraits) has been presented at 6 continents in over 20 countries winning a number of awards. [20][21]

In 2018 Krupa has become the first living Croatian artist to be included on Ranker’s list of famous painters. Ranker is popular Los Angeles based digital media company.[22]

Alfred Freddy Krupa is also known for his theoretical works related to the contemporary practice of the Modern Ink painting.[23][24]

As the factoid mention Krupa wears an Omega Seamaster Automatic Compressor 1970 since 1986.[25] It is in his family for nearly 50 years, previously owned by his grandfather famous artist and inventor Alfred Krupa Sr.[26]

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