Alpine tundra

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Alpine tundra

Alpine tundra is a type of geological terrain. It is to be found at high enough altitude at any latitude on Earth. Alpine tundra lacks trees. The lower parts do not have permafrost. Because of this they are generally better drained than permafrost soils. Alpine tundra changes to subalpine forests below the tree line.

Because alpine tundra is in many different widely separated regions of the Earth, there is no animal species found in all areas of alpine tundra.

Some animals of alpine tundra environments include the Kea parrot, marmot, Mountain goats, chinchilla, pika, golden eagle and snow leopard. Plants include mosses, lichens and poor grasses. Some dwarf trees like birch and alder grow in tundras.

Temperatures and rainfall[change | change source]

Alpine tundra is very cold with summer temperatures on average below 10 °C. All types of tundra are classified as a desert.

Geographic position of tundras[change | change source]

Tundras are mainly found in northern areas such as Siberia and the north of Canada.