American Top 40

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American Top 40
Other namesAT40
GenreMusic Chart Show, Talk
Running time4 hrs. (including commercials)
Country of originUnited States
Home stationKIIS-FM (Los Angeles CA)
SyndicatesPremiere Networks
Hosted byRyan Seacrest (2004–present)

Casey Kasem (1970–88, 1998–2004) Shadoe Stevens (1988–95)

various guest hosts
AnnouncerMiles Hlivko
Created byCasey Kasem, Don Bustany, Tom Rounds, and Ron Jacobs
Produced byProduced by

Easton Allyn & Jennifer Sawalha (Present) Nikki Wine (1970s) Don Bustany (1970s, 1979-1987)

Lorre Crimi (1998-2004)
Original releaseJuly 4, 1970 – present (hiatus January 28, 1995-March 28, 1998) – present

American Top 40 (usually abbreviated to AT40) is a syndicated radio program. AT40 was created by Casey Kasem in 1970.

The program is currently hosted by Ryan Seacrest and presented as an adjunct to his weekday radio program, On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

The radio show was originally a production for Watermark, Inc (later a member of ABC Radio known as ABC Watermark). It is currently a production of Premiere Networks.

Some of the songs played on AT40 had profanity or offensive content inside them. During the Shadoe Stevens era of AT40, 2 Live Crew's "Me So Horny" aired in autumn 1989.

Hip hop music was played on the AT40 mostly in the late 1980s and 1990s. It continues now.

In the 1970s, disco music aired on AT40.

No song began at #1. The closest to that happening was "Erotica" by Madonna in 1992.