Aminul Islam (trade unionist)

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Aminul Islam (1973 – April 2012) was a Bangladeshi trade unionist (someone who organises trade unions). He was murdered in 2012.

Work[change | change source]

Islam was a former garment worker and was president of the Ashulia and Savar Bangladesh Garment & Industrial Workers Federation.[1] Also he was the leader of Bangladesh Center of Worker Solidarity. It has advocated for improved working conditions and higher wages. In 2010, the organization led protested to push for a larger increase in the minimum wage for garment workers. Islam and other protester were arrested for that.[2]

Islam had recently been working to organize workers in factories, which belonged to the Shanta Group. The company produces clothing for multiple American companies, like Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, and Ralph Lauren. He had also assisted ABC News, for an interview with the survivors of a recent factory fire in Bangladesh.[3]

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