Anaconda (installer)

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Anaconda's installation screen for Fedora 19
Anaconda's installation screen for Fedora 19
Developer(s)Red Hat
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Written inPython and C
Operating systemCross-platform
LicenseGPL (Free software)

Anaconda is the installer for Red Hat Linux and Fedora. It is written in Python and C, with a graphical interface using GTK+ 3 and PyGObject and a text inetrface using python-newt. A kickstart file can be used to automatically configure the installation, allowing users to run it without much supervision.

Anaconda is used by RHEL, Fedora and a number of other projects, Anaconda offers a text-mode and GUI mode, so users can install on a wide range of systems.

Anacondas are lizard-eating boas, and the Caldera installation program was called "Lizard", hence this name was chosen.

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