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Gorodischer in August 1998

Angélica Gorodischer (born 28 July 1928 in Buenos Aires, Argentina)[1] is an Argentine writer known for her collection of short stories, which belong to a wide variety of genres, including science-fiction, fantasy, crime and stories with a feminist perspective. [2] [3]

Some books[change | change source]

  • Cuentos con soldados (Premio Club del Orden, Santa Fe, 1965. stories)
  • Opus Dos (Ediciones Minotauro, Buenos Aires, 1967. novel)
  • Las pelucas (Editorial Sudamericana, Buenos Aires, 1968. stories)
  • Bajo las jubeas en flor (Ediciones De La Flor, Buenos Aires, 1973. stories)
  • Casta luna electrónica (Ediciones Andrómeda, 1977. stories)
  • Trafalgar (El Cid Editor, Buenos Aires, 1979. stories)
  • Prodigios. Barcelona: Ed. Lumen, 1994. (novel)
  • Tecnicas de supervivencia. Rosario: Ed. Municipal Rosario, 1994. (stories)
  • La noche del inocente. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 1996. (novel)
  • Cómo triunfar en la vida. Buenos Aires, Emecé, 1998. (stories)

References[change | change source]