Angela's Ashes

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Angela's Ashes is a 1999 British and American historical drama movie. It is based on a memoir of the same name. It was co-produced between the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland.

Cast[change | change source]

Production[change | change source]

The movie is set in and around Limerick. However, many scenes were filmed in Cork.

Reception[change | change source]

Angela's Ashes had a $25 million budget.[1] But it only made $13,042,112 in the United States. That made the movie a box office bomb.

The movie has a 52% "rotten" rating on the Rotten Tomatoes.[2] However, the audience rated the movie at 82%.

Roger Ebert gave Angela's Ashes two and a half stars.[3]

Awards[change | change source]

  • Winner Best Picture – Irish Film and Television Awards
  • Winner Best Costume Design – Irish Film and Television Awards (Consolata Boyle)
  • Winner Best Director – Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (Audience Award) (Alan Parker)
  • Winner Best Original Score – Las Vegas Film Critics Society (John Williams)
  • Winner Best Actress – London Film Critics Circle (Emily Watson)
  • Nominee Best Original Score – Academy Awards (John Williams)
  • Nominee Best Original Score – Golden Globes (John Williams)
  • Nominee Best Actress – BAFTA (Emily Watson)
  • Nominee Best Cinematography – BAFTA (Michael Seresin)
  • Nominee Best Production Design – BAFTA (Geoffrey Kirkland)
  • Nominee Best British Film – Empire Awards
  • Nominee Best British Actor – Empire Awards (Robert Carlyle)
  • Nominee Best Actress – Irish Film and Television Awards (Emily Watson)
  • Nominee Best Actor – Irish Film and Television Awards (Robert Carlyle)
  • Nominee Newcomer of Year – London Film Critics Circle (Michael Legge)

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