Anna Maria Thelott

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Anna Maria Thelott

Anna Maria Thelott (1683 – 1710) was a Swedish artist. She was one of the first professional female artists in Sweden and also in Scandinavia. She was an engraver, an illustrator, a woodcut-artist, and a miniaturist.

Life[change | change source]

Anna Maria was the daughter of the artist Philipp Jacob Thelott the Older, and sister of the artist Philip Jacob Thelott the Younger. When she was a child, she worked together with her brother and her father to illustrate the books "Campus Elysii" and "Atlantica", by Olof Rudbeck, and when she was grown up, she started to work alone and illustrate papers and maps and other things. She made miniature portraits of people, she drew animals, cities and landscapes.

Her family lived in Uppsala until 1702, when the city burnt down, and they moved to Stockholm.

In 1710, Anna Maria became one of the many victims of the last plague in Sweden.