Annie Jump Cannon

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Annie Jump Cannon in 1922

Annie Jump Cannon was an American astronomer. She was born on December 11, 1863 in Dover, Delaware and died on April 13, 1941 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Life[change | change source]

Cannon and her mom looked at the stars when she was little. This is what got Cannon interested in stars. She loved the stars. Cannon was born in the US and lived there most of her life. She lived 78 years. Cannon observed and then classified about 400,000 stars. She also came up with the Harvard system. The Harvard system surveyed stars according to the color of light emission and temperature. Cannon was a great astronomer and gave us new information about the stars.[1]

Jobs and studies  [change | change source]

Cannon had graduate studies in math, physics, and astronomy.[2] She also received many awards such as the Henry Draper Gold Medal of the National Academy of Sciences, the Ellen Richards Award, and she was the first woman to ever receive the honorary doctorate of science at Oxford University. She also became part of the Harvard Astronomy staff. She discovered 300 variable stars, 5 novae stars, and 1 binary star while on the staff.

Hardships[change | change source]

Cannon had many hardships. Cannon was a women scientist in a world of men. She had to advocate for herself. She was one of the first women in astronomy at her time. Cannon also faced the hardship of being deaf. Cannon didn’t have access to hearing aids. People had decided not to vote for her for awards despite her hard work and effort because she was deaf. Now many people admire her and wish to follow in her footsteps. Cannon struggled in a world of stereotypes and first times but she managed to succeed.[3] Cannon was a highly renowned astronomer in her time with many awards.

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