Another Brick in the Wall

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"Another Brick in the Wall"
Series of songs by Pink Floyd

from the album The Wall

Published Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd
Released 30 November 1979
Recorded April–November 1979
Genre Progressive rock
Length 9:08 (All three parts)
3:21 (Part 1)
3:59 (Part 2)
1:48 (Part 3)
5:43 (Radio Edit)
Label Harvest (UK)
Columbia (US)
Writer Roger Waters
Producer Bob Ezrin, David Gilmour, James Guthrie and Roger Waters
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"Another Brick in the Wall" is a rock and roll song by Pink Floyd. It is divided into three parts. It was released on their album The Wall in 1979. Part 1 is a song about the sadness of a child (later to become a rockstar). Part 2 continues from "The Happiest Days of Our Lives". It is a rock opera protest song against the cruelty of teachers in Britain. Part 3 is the loudest and shortest part of Another Brick in the Wall. It is about the rockstar's anger. It cross-fades to "Goodbye Cruel World". In 2004, Korn made a studio version of "Another Brick in the Wall". The Pink Floyd version reached 57 on the disco chart.

The tunes of all three parts are exactly the same, but one part will be louder than the previous part. It starts off with the tragedy of Part 1 to the protesting of Part 2 to the fury of Part 3.