Chilean Antarctic Territory

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Night view of Villa Las Estrellas, the only civil settlement
Coordinates: 75°00′S 71°30′W / 75°S 71.5°W / -75; -71.5Coordinates: 75°00′S 71°30′W / 75°S 71.5°W / -75; -71.5
Foundation July 11, 1961
 • Type Municipality
 • Alcalde Hugo Henriquez Matus (PRSD)
 • Total 1,250,000 km2 (480,000 sq mi)
Population (2002 Census)[3]
 • Total 130
 • Density 0.000104/km2 (0.000269/sq mi)
 • Urban N.A.
 • Rural 130
 • Men 115
 • Women 15
Time zone CLT [4] (UTC-4)
 • Summer (DST) CLST [5] (UTC-3)

1 As mayor of the commune of Cabo de Hornos

The Chilean Antarctic Territory is the territory in Antarctica claimed by Chile. The Chilean Antarctic Territory overlaps Argentine and British Antarctic claims.

Antártica is name of the commune for the territory. The comune of Antártica is managed by the municipality of Cabo de Hornos. The seat is in Puerto Williams in southernmost Chile. The commune of Antártica was formed on July 11, 1961.

The only permanent Chilean station on the Antarctic mainland (Antarctic Peninsula) is O'Higgins Station. It has been working since February 18, 1948. It is located on Puerto Covadonga.

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