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Apache License

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Apache License
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AuthorApache Software Foundation[1]
CopyrightApache Software Foundation[1]
PublishedJanuary 2004[1]
DFSG compatibleYes[2]
Free softwareYes[3]
OSI approvedYes[4]
GPL compatibleYes - GPLv3[3]
Linking from code with a different licenseYes

The Apache License is a free software license[3] made by the Apache Software Foundation to set rules on how the software they created may be used by others. Some of these rules are about not only using the software, but also making changes to the software. All of the Apache Software Foundation's software and projects, such as the Apache HTTP Server, use this license.[1] Some software that is not made by the Apache Software Foundation also use this license rather than trying to create another type of license on their own.

In May 2004, Google said that 25.8 percent of software projects hosted on Google Code used this license.[5]

Version history[change | change source]

  • Version 1.0 – The first Apache license.[1]
  • Version 1.1 – Approved by the Apache Software Foundation in 2000.[1]
  • Version 2.0 – The current version, version 2.0 was approved in 2004. This version was made to be easy for projects outside of the Apache Software Foundation to use.[1]

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