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Painting of a woman wearing a blue apron
staff in a bakery wearing a black apron

An apron is a protective piece of clothing made from fabric (or other materials) that covers the front of the body. Some workers wear aprons for hygienic reasons (for example restaurant workers). Other workers wear aprons to protect clothes, or to protect their bodies from injury.

The apron is commonly part of the uniform of several jobs, including waitresses, nurses, homemakers, domestic workers and other jobs. It is also worn as decoration by women.

There are many different types of aprons depending on what the apron is used for. Aprons can be made from many materials and fabrics. Rubber aprons are used by people who work with dangerous chemicals. Lead aprons are worn by people who work around radiation (like X-rays). Butchers (people who cut meat) wear chain aprons, to protect them from being cut by knives. Carpenters wear aprons made of heavy leather that have many pockets to hold tools. Many servants and domestic workers are required to wear an apron as a part of their work uniform.

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