Arirang (2011 movie)

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Kim Ki-duk Film
Release date
Running time
100 minutes
CountrySouth Korea

Arirang is a 2011 movie about the revolutionist Kim San and about the sadness and pain of the Korean people under the rule of the Japanese.

In the story, a female reporter Nim Wales meets Kim San in Yanan City in China and listens to Kim San about his thoughts of revolution and freedom of his home country Korea. The Japanese rule at that time was so strict and violent to the people who wanted independence of Korea from Japan, so many Koreans, like Kim, were forced to leave their own country. When Kim met Nim Wales in Yanan, as the kind of Independence movement, he joined revolution in China, against to Japan's aggressive war.

In this movie, the main theme is revolution, and Independence of Korea. It is also about Kim San's mind to his mother country and his own life.

He said to Wales:

"my whole life was the continuity of failure, also my country's history was the continuity of failure. I just had a victory to me, only myself."