Arthur Read

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Arthur Read
First appearanceArthur's Nose (1976)
Created byMarc Brown
FamilyD.W. Read (younger sister), Kate Read (baby sister), Jane Read (mother), David Read (father)
Spouse(s)Francine Frensky

Arthur Timothy[1] Read is the main character of the popular children’s animated television show Arthur.

Friends[change | change source]

Francine Frensky[change | change source]

Arthur and Francine are great friends. Francine may be in love with Arthur. Binky told Arthur that Francine has a crush on Arthur.[2] Francine will marry Arthur.[3]

Buster Baxter[change | change source]

Buster is Arthur’s best friend in the show. Arthur became enemies with Buster once but became friends again in the end.[4]

D.W[change | change source]

D.W is Arthur’s younger sister. Arthur punched D.W in Arthur’s Big Hit.

Mister Rogers[change | change source]

Mister Rogers is very kind to Arthur. He helped Arthur when Arthur was worried his friends would tease him for being friends with Mister Rogers.[5]

Arthur’s Big Hit[change | change source]

A scene in the episode Arthur’s Big Hit where Arthur punched D.W became a very popular meme on the internet.[6][7][8][9]

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