Aryabhata (satellite)

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Aryabhata Satellite.jpg
Organisation: ISRO
Mission type: Astrophysics
Satellite of: Earth
Launch date: 19 April 1975
Carrier rocket: Cosmos-3M
NSSDC ID: 1975-033A
Mass: 360 kg
Power: 46 W from solar panels
Orbital elements
Inclination: 50.7º
Orbital period: 96 minutes
Apoapsis: 619 kilometres (385 mi)
Periapsis: 563 kilometres (350 mi)
1984 USSR stamp featuring Bhaskara-I, Bhaskara-II and Aryabhata satellites

Aryabhata was India's first satellite. It got its name from the Indian astronomer of the same name.[1]

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