Assemblies of God

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Assemblies of God
FormationApril 1914
TypePentecostal * Christianity
HeadquartersSpringfield, Missouri
  • Worldwide
65 million
General Superintendent
Douglas E. Clay

The Assemblies of God is a United States-based Christian denomination; a large group of Pentecostal churches. There are over 64 million members in over 200 countries.[1][2][3]

Beliefs[change | change source]

The AG is Trinitarian. They view the Bible as divinely inspired. The Bible provides the rules of faith and conduct. Baptism by immersion is practiced. Baptism is understood as an outward sign of an inward change. The change is from being dead in sin to being alive in Christ. Communion is also practiced. The Assemblies of God also places a strong emphasis on the fulfillment of the Great Commission and believes that this is the main calling of the church.[4]

The most recent World congress was held in Springfield, Missouri in August 2014.

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