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At Play

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Play a compilation album. It is by the progressive house artist deadmau5. The album consists of several deadmau5 tracks from his earlier releases, as well as collaborations with Melleefresh. The album cover includes the '10 Full Length DJ Friendly Tracks' message. That is typical of the At Play series.

Track listing

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No. TitleArtist Length
1. "Vanishing Point"  deadmau5 7:02
2. "Sex, Lies, Audiotape"  deadmau5 5:56
3. "Cocktail Queen"  Melleefresh vs. deadmau5 5:27
4. "Faxing Berlin"  deadmau5 8:39
5. "Hey Baby (Adam K Dirty Remix)"  Melleefresh vs. deadmau5 6:19
6. "Turning Point"  deadmau5 7:02
7. "This Is the Hook"  BSOD 5:58
8. "1981"  deadmau5 6:04
9. "Dr. Funkenstein"  deadmau5 7:13
10. "Afterhours"  Melleefresh vs. deadmau5 6:07


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