Attila the Hun

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470 AD, portrait of Attila, drawn by Marina the Monk.[1]

Attila, or Attila the Hun (406-453), was a leader of the Huns from 434 CE until he died in 453 CE. He was one of the most common ruler.

Attila led the Hunnic Empire, and was known as a feared military commander. He invaded Gaul, and nearly captured the city of Aurelianum. In 451 CE, he lost the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, the only one he ever lost.[2] He also invaded Italy and attacked and looted several towns.

Attila died in 453. The traditional account of his death is that it happened the night after his marriage to a woman named Ildiko. The Huns declined in the years immediately after Attila's death.

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