Awty International School

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The Awty International School
7455 Awty School Lane

TypeInternational School
MottoAn International School for an International World
FounderKathleen Awty
Head of SchoolMs. Lisa Darling
  Green and Gold
YearbookDouble Exposure
Awty International School

The Awty International School is a private school in Houston, Texas. It is for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. It is the largest international school in the United States.

School history[change | change source]

Awty was founded in 1956 as pre-school by Kathleen Awty. Adding High School, in 1975, the complex changed Awty into College preparatory school. They then united with French School of Houston and became Awty International School, as it is today, in 1984. Enrollment increased from 600 to 1,475 during last 15 years. In 1990 there was pre-school building added, in 1991 new high school building, in 1995 pre-school classrooms were added. Finally, in 2009, Awty opened athletic stadium with a soccer field, track, and tennis courts.

Awty today[change | change source]

Awty is made of a big French Section and huge International Section. It is an accredited international and largest private school in US. It's licensed by ISAS and CIS, and also it is member of NAIS.

Faculty and Students[change | change source]

School faculty comes from about 30 different countries and they are native speakers of languages from these countries.

Students are 40% American, 30% French and 30% from many other countries around the world.

Graduates attend universities in the US, Canada, Latin America, Australia, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Location and Campus[change | change source]

The school is located on a 15-acre (61,000 m2) campus in central Houston. It includes 300 classrooms, 6 science laboratories, 3 art rooms, 4 computer laboratories, 3 libraries, 2 lunch rooms, 2 covered basketball/volleyball courts, an athletics center, 2 soccer fields and 2 gymnasiums.

Vision and Mission[change | change source]

Awty's Vision is to inspire and educate students, so they could think outside the box, with help of unigque school spirit and welcoming campus.[1]

The Awty International School provides a challenging education, leading to either the International Baccalaureate or the French Baccalauréat. Within a friendly and nurturing environment, which encourages learning and the pursuit of excellence, Awty celebrates linguistic, cultural and international diversity and seeks to maximize the potential in all of our students as they grow to become responsible world citizens.[2]

Sports and arts[change | change source]

The school is member of TAPPS, they play basketball, perform in music contests or win in soccer. A lot of Awty's musicians are in TAPPS Area or Region band.

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