BASIC English versus the artificial languages

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BASIC English versus the artificial languages
AuthorCharles Kay Ogden
CountryUnited Kingdom
PublisherTrubner and Company, Limited
Publication date

BASIC English versus the artificial languages is a book published in 1935 by Charles Kay Ogden. In it, the author compares BASIC English with different artificial languages. He also explains why BASIC English is a better solution as an international language than other artificial languages and he criticises the authors of those languages.[1]

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  1. Orwell, George (28 January 1944). "As I Please". Tribune. I WISH now that I had read Basic English versus the Artificial Languages before and not after reviewing the interesting little book in which Professor Lancelot Hogben sets forth his own artificial language, Interglossa. For in that case I should have realized how comparatively chivalrous Professor Hogben had been towards the inventors of rival international languages.