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BNK48's Orchid Color logo
BNK48's Orchid Color logo
Background information
OriginBangkok, Thailand
Years active2017–present
Members43 (list)
Past member(s)44 (list)

BNK48 (read B.N.K. Forty-eight or Bangkok48) is an Thai idol girl group and the third international sister group of Japan's AKB48, following Indonesia's JKT48 and China's SNH48.

Sub-units[change | change source]

Mimigumo[change | change source]

Mimigumo is the first BNK48 sub-unit group released on September 1, 2019.[1]

Vyra[change | change source]

Vyra (formerly known as Lyra) is the second BNK48 sub-unit group, consisting of 6 members. They were chosen to be trained by Universal Music Thailand and debuted on October 7, 2020.[2][3] The group currently has 5 members and was renamed Vyra on March 12, 2021.[4]

Discography[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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