Baba Fingo

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Baba Fingo or Father Fingo is a male Deity in Turkish Romani folklore. The Romanlar in Turkey believe in Baba Fingo as their Saviour. The festival Kakava[1] is celebrated at Edirne on 5-6 May. The Romanlar make a Bonfire and go to the Meric River in the night. They believe Baba Fingo comes out of the water and protects the Romani people. [2]

The legend of Baba Fingo says that long ago, the people lived in Egypt. But the Pharaoh was cruel to them. So Baba Fingo led the people out through the Red Sea.[2] Another legend says that Baba Fingo was a good and wise commandant who worked for Pharaoh, but he liked women and alcohol too much. The Pharaoh's other commandants were jealous of him. They tricked him with women and alcohol and he got lost in the river. Although the Romanlar have been quasi-Muslims for centuries, the popular Folk belief in Baba Fingo plays a very important role for them.[3]

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