Baba Yaga

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The Baba Yaga is a mythical witchlike character. She is found in Slavic stories. She is one of the most popular demons in slavic beliefs. She looks like an ugly woman. She lives in a house that has giant chicken feet, so it can walk around. Sometimes she travels in a mortar and pestle that can fly by magic.[1]

Baba Yaga is different from most folklore characters because even though she is usually bad, sometimes she is good. Sometimes she makes things or helps the story's hero make things. Scholar Andreas Johns says that Baba Yaga is meant to be like nature itself: She can help but she can also eat you.[1]

In popular culture[change | change source]

Baba Yaga appears as a character in many video games and other works of fiction, for example the Quest for Glory series of games.

The feminist website The Hairpin wrote an advice column called "Ask Baba Yaga" as a joke.[1][2]

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