Back in Black

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Cover for the album "Back in Black" by AC/DC

Back in Black is a 1980 album by the Australian hard rock band AC/DC. It was the first album made without former band member Bon Scott. Back in Black was intended as a tribute to his death.[1] One song from the album, "You shook me all night long", ranked number thirty-four on the Billboard charts.[2] This was the first time a heavy metal song appeared in the Top 40. Even today, record producers rank 'Back in Black' as the standard for how a hard rock song should sound.[2]

Track listing[change | change source]

  1. "Hells Bells" 5:10
  2. "Shoot to Thrill" 5:17
  3. "What Do You Do for Money Honey" 3:33
  4. "Given the Dog a Bone" 3:30
  5. "Let Me Put My Love into You" 4:16
  6. "Back in Black" 4:15
  7. "You Shook Me All Night Long" 3:30
  8. "Have a Drink on Me" 3:57
  9. "Shake a Leg" 4:06
  10. "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" 4:15

References[change | change source]

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