Bad Girls Club (season 9)

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Bad Girls Club Season 9 is the ninth season of the American television series Bad Girls Club. It was broadcast on July 9, 2012 and is currently airing on Oxygen. It was filmed in Mexico.

Cast[change | change source]

Original Bad Girls[change | change source]

Bad Girl[1] Age1 Hometown "Bad Girl" nickname
Ashley Dye 21 Bartlett, IL "The Platinum Party Girl"
Christina Salgado 21 Jersey City, NJ "The Sultry Spitfire"
Erika Jordan 23 Chicago, IL "The Boss Bitch"
Falen Ghirmai 25 Springfield, VA "The D.C. Celebrity"
Julie Ofcharsky 23 Boston, MA "The Devious Diva"
Mehgan James 21 Houston, TX "The Texas Temptation"
Rima Mellal 22 Chicago, IL "The Wild Child"

^Note 1 : Age at the time of filming.

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