Baku Zoo

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Baku Zoo
Bakı Zooloji Parkı
Baku Zoo.jpg
Baku Zoo entrance
Date opened1928
LocationBaku, Azerbaijan
Land area4.25 ha (10.5 acres)
Coordinates40°23′35″N 49°50′56″E / 40.3930°N 49.8490°E / 40.3930; 49.8490Coordinates: 40°23′35″N 49°50′56″E / 40.3930°N 49.8490°E / 40.3930; 49.8490
No. of animals1200
No. of species168

Baku Zoo (Azerbaijani: Bakı zooloji parkı) is a state zoo in Baku. It is the oldest zoo in Azerbaijan.[1] When it opened in 1928, it was in Lunacharski Park.[2] In 1942 it was moved to its present location.[2] It belongs to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan and to the Municipality of Baku city. The total area of the zoo is 4.25 hectares (10.5 acres).[3] The zoo is currently home to over 1,200 animals. There are over 160 species.[4] It will soon be replaced by a new zoo near Güzdək on the Absheron Peninsula.[5] The new larger zoo will house the animals in their natural surroundings.[5]

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