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A pair of Basenjis, showing the different colourations that exist.

The Basenji is a breed of dog. They are known for being one of the smartest dogs. Basenji are excellent at hunting, They are also hunting dogs which can help people find animals.[1]

The Basenji is often said to be the "barkless" dog. They are also described as being "talking dogs", This is because they don't "bark" like other dogs. They make a unique sound which is like a yodel. They are clean dogs. Basenji are more cat-like than other dogs because of this. They spend a large amount of time cleaning themselves when they have any dirt on their coats. Like cats, Basenjis use their paws to clean themselves. This causes them to rarely have any smell about them.

Basenjis are around the size of a terrier. They have have wrinkles on their foreheads. They are wonderfully friendly by nature as well as being inquisitive and confident. A Basenji forms a very strong and close bond with a family and in particular with one person in a household.

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