Basil I

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Basil I
Emperor of the Romans
Portrait of Emperor Basil I
Byzantine Emperor
Reign24 September 867 – 29 August 886
PredecessorMichael III
SuccessorLeo VI
Bornc. 811
Chariopolis, Macedonia, Eastern Roman Empire
Died29 August 886 (aged 75)
Constantinople, Eastern Roman Empire
Eudokia Ingerina
Full name
ReligionChalcedonian Christianity

Basil I, also nicknamed the Macedonian (Greek: Βασίλειος ὁ Μακεδών, c. 811 - 29 August 886) was a Byzantine Emperor 24 September 867 – 29 August 886.

Born a lowly peasant in of Macedonia, he rose power and influence in the imperial court after entering into the service of Theophilitzes, a relative of Emperor Michael III (r. 842–867). He was given a fortune by the wealthy Danielis and gained Michael's favour, whose mistress he married on his emperor's orders. In 866, Michael proclaimed him co-emperor, but Basil ordered his assassination, thus installing himself as sole ruler of the empire.