Bassano del Grappa

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Bassano del Grappa
Coat of arms

Bassano del Grappa (Venetian: Basan or Bassan) is an Italian city in Veneto. It is in the Province of Vicenza. About 43,500 people live there. There are many distilleries of Grappa in and around the city. The name of the city is unrelated to the spirit though. A local mountain nearby is called Monte Grappa. The place name can be rougly translated as plains of (Mount) Grappa.

During the First World War, there were many battles there. In the 1930s, Fascists under Mussolini built the Sacrario Militare del Monte Grappa, to honor those who fought in the war, and didn't survive. The Battle of Vittorio Veneto was fought there. Today, Monte Grappa it is a well-known spot for paragliders.

Painter Jacopo Bassano was born and died in Bassano del Grappa.