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Bat or Bats may mean:

  • Bat, the flying mammal


  • The Louisville Bats, a AAA minor league baseball team related to the Cincinnati Reds, based in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Bat, a club or broad, blunt and/or club-like object
  • Bat, a piece of sports equipment such as a baseball bat or cricket bat





Roller coasters:

Other languages:

  • Bat, an alternative transliteration of Bata (goddess)
  • Bat, a Hebrew word, meaning "daughter" or "daughter of." It is also used in Jewish names such as "Rachel bat Moshe," meaning "Rachel, daughter of Moshe"
  • Bats language, a Caucasian people and their language
  • Bats, Landes, a commune of the Landes département of France

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