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Ground (cricket)

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The word "ground" in cricket can mean:

  • The area in and around the cricket field and stadium.
  • One of the two areas of the field where a batsman is safe from being run out, and scores runs.

Stadium[change | change source]

A cricket ground is the area where cricket is played and the nearby areas. The Sydney Cricket Ground and Melbourne Cricket Ground are examples.

Batsman's ground[change | change source]

The two popping creases[1] (lines) and the area between them are the only part of the field between the two batsmens' grounds.[2]

The two batsmens' grounds are the safe zones which batters run between to score points, with the risk of being out when they are not in them. One ground is at the striker's end, while the other ground is at the bowler's end, with a wicket being in each ground.

A run out or stumping can only happen if the wicket that was put down (hit with the ball) is in a ground which no batsman is in.

  • A batsman is in a ground if he or the bat he is holding touch the ground in that ground. A batter can only be safe in a ground if they are in that ground and got there before the other batter.
  • The unsafe batter who is nearest to the ground where the wicket was put down is the one who is out.

To score a run, there must be one batsman in each ground, and they must swap grounds.

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