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Battle of Patay

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Battle of Patay
Part of the Loire Campaign of the Hundred Years' War

The French and English clashing. The English, however, did not fight on horseback
Date18 June 1429
Near Patay, slightly north of Orléans, France
Result Decisive French victory
Kingdom of France Kingdom of England
Commanders and leaders
La Hire
Jean de Xaintrailles
Joan of Arc
John Fastolf
John Talbot (POW)
1,500 cavalry 5,000
Casualties and losses
About 100 2,500 dead, wounded, or captured

The Battle of Patay (18 June 1429) was an important battle in the Hundred Years' War between the French and the English in north-central France. The French won and the English lost badly, historical accounts report that the English army was four times as large as the French army. Many men in the English longbow corps died. Many English leaders of the battle were killed or taken prisoner. This battle changed the course of the war and made the French more powerful. Joan of Arc was the head of the battle leading the French and was the reason that the French won the battle and the Hundred Years' War.