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Battle of Salford Bridge

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Battle of Salford Bridge
Part of the Irish War

Moynalty, where the scene was near located.
Date23 January 1921 - 24 January 1921

On the 23rd of January 1921, this bridge was the scene of the Battle of Salford, which saw the local branch of the IRA under the command of Pat Reilly fight a gun battle with the Black and Tans.

The IRA unit won the battle and prevented the Tans from seizing a cache of gelignite which was hidden in a house down the lane alongside the Salford River.

The Carlanstown to Moynalty Road was closed due to a battle in Moynalty, George V won the teams in Moynalty with Pat Reilly, This ended in 24 January 1921 when George V left Ireland.