Battle of Tannenberg (1914)

Coordinates: 53°29′45″N 20°08′4″E / 53.49583°N 20.13444°E / 53.49583; 20.13444 (Battle of Tannenberg)
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Battle of Tannenberg
Part of the Eastern Front of World War I
Date23 August-2 September 1914
Result Decisive German Victory
 Russian Empire  German Empire
Commanders and leaders
Alexander Samsonov
Paul von Rennenkampf
Paul von Hindenburg
Erich Ludendorff
190,000 150,000
Casualties and losses
30,000 killed or wounded; 95,000 captured 20,000 killed or wounded

The Battle of Tannenberg was a decisive engagement between the Russian Empire and the German Empire in the first days of World War I. It was fought by the Russian First and Second Armies and the German Eighth Army between 17 August and 2 September 1914. The battle ended with the almost complete destruction of the Russian Second Army.

The battle took place near Allenstein. The Germans named it after Tannenberg. They wanted to express that they had made good their defeat at the medieval Battle of Tannenberg or (Grunwald). In that 1410 battle the Lithuanians finally defeated the Teutonic Knights.

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53°29′45″N 20°08′4″E / 53.49583°N 20.13444°E / 53.49583; 20.13444 (Battle of Tannenberg)