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Battle of Trenton

Coordinates: 40°13′33″N 74°45′53″W / 40.22583°N 74.76472°W / 40.22583; -74.76472
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Battle of Trenton
Part of the American Revolutionary War

Battle of Trenton, H. Charles McBarron Jr.
DateDecember 26, 1776 (1776-12-26)
40°13′33″N 74°45′53″W / 40.22583°N 74.76472°W / 40.22583; -74.76472
Result American victory[1]
 United States Hesse-Cassel
Commanders and leaders
George Washington
Nathanael Greene
John Sullivan
Johann Rall 
2,400[2] 1,500[3]
Casualties and losses
2 dead from exposure
5 wounded[4]
22 killed
83 wounded
800–900 captured[5]

The Battle of Trenton was fought on December 26, 1776 in Trenton, New Jersey. It was a part of the American Revolutionary War. George Washington led the Continental Army against Hessians in Trenton. The Americans won the battle, after Washington crossed the Delaware[6]


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