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Battle of the Dnieper

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Battle of the Dnieper
Part of the Eastern Front of World War II

German soldiers fighting across the Dnieper River during battle in1943
Date26 August 1943 – 23 December 1943
(3 months, 3 weeks and 6 days)
Result Soviet victory
Soviets reclaim left-bank Ukraine, including the city of Kiev and Donets basin
 Soviet Union
 Kingdom of Romania
Commanders and leaders
Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov
Soviet Union Aleksandr Vasilevsky
Soviet Union Nikolai Vatutin
Soviet Union Ivan Konev
Soviet Union Rodion Malinovsky
Soviet Union Fyodor Tolbukhin
Soviet Union Konstantin Rokossovsky
Nazi Germany Erich von Manstein
Nazi Germany Ewald von Kleist
Nazi Germany Günther von Kluge
Units involved
Soviet Union 1st Ukrainian Front
Soviet Union 2nd Ukrainian Front
Soviet Union 3rd Ukrainian Front
Soviet Union 4th Ukrainian Front
Soviet Union 1st Belorussian Front

Nazi Germany Army Group South

Nazi Germany 1st Panzer Army
Nazi Germany 4th Panzer Army
Nazi Germany 8th Army

Nazi Germany Army Group A

Nazi Germany 6th Army

Nazi Germany Army Group Center

Nazi Germany 2nd Army
26 August:
2,633,000 men[1]
51,200 guns and mortars[1]
2,400 tanks and assault guns[1]
2,850 combat aircraft[1]
1,250,000 men 12,600 guns and mortars 2,100 tanks and assault guns 2,000 aircraft
Casualties and losses

1,687,164 men[2]

417,323 killed or missing
1,269,841 wounded or sick

281,407 men (21 August – 20 December)[3]

47,235 killed
199,998 wounded
34,174 missing

The Battle of the Dnieper involved about four million troups (Soviet and German). They fought over land and the Dnieper River totalling 870 miles for four months. Soviet army won.


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